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  • February17th

    lindalinda (3)

    All I know is I felt fabulous in the dress.  It flowed wonderfully and fit perfectly.  Having not had a ‘wedding’ party or the fuss with all the fixings of a wedding 35 years prior, I took this opportunity to celebrate with the man of my dreams, albeit 35 years later. Thanks to you I felt like a bride!

    -Linda -Coquitlam, BC

  • January12th

    dagmardagmar (2)dagmar (3)

    Having a dress designed and made just for you is a great experience. I have had 3 dresses made by Pure Something and I love each one. Kathryn and Jessica were so helpful in perfecting the rough ideas I had to find a style that was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend them!

    -Dagmar – Vancouver, BC

  • January10th

    ruthruth (7)ruth (5)ruth (6)ruth (4)

    ruth (2)ruth (3)

    I have never had so many beautiful dresses to take me so many places until I discovered the infinite talents of Kathryn at pure(something)clothing company! For many years I avoided the various formal functions we were invited to because I could never find (or afford) that perfect dress that would fit my body the way I thought it should. Not only was she able to fit me favorably, she has always been willing to make the changes I thought necessary to make me comfortable in the gown I was wearing. From cruise ships to formal events across Canada, I have received countless compliments on the uniqueness of the styles she has designed for me. A girl can’t help but be flattered by that!! I would recommend her, not only for her knowledge and talent of her craft, but also for her patience and her willingness to listen to ideas and input from her clients. If she doesn’t agree, you can be sure she has an even better suggestion to implement!

    -Ruth – Langley, BC

  • January9th

    katieakatiea (2)katiea (6)katiea (5)katiea (4)katiea (8)katiea (3)

    Kathryn was wonderful to work with in making the perfect dress for my wedding day! Everyone raved about how beautiful it was! She has a good eye for styles and fabrics that will flatter different body types and is enthusiastic about incorporating your ideas into her designs. Her creativity and dedication show through in the finished product.

    I was so pleased that Kathryn was also able to make me a veil and purse to perfectly match my dress, plus all of the bridesmaid dresses and a special wedding outfit for the mother-of-the-bride (who has worn it multiple times since!).

    Thank you so much for everything!

    -Katie – August 2007 – Langley, BC

    Photos by Chris Elander Photography.

  • January2nd

    deneendeneen (2)

    We had the nicest New Year’s Eve…and in all honesty and all modesty set aside, MY DRESS was a HIT.I received so many compliments and it truly WAS the BEST dress at The Empress On New Year’s Eve! I felt like a movie star!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

    -Deneen – Richmond, BC