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Kathryn discovered her love for sewing as a little girl under the guidance and patience of her grandmother. Although her young imagination inspired her to create many things, her specialty was blankets with pockets. Unfortunately this idea didn’t catch on as a viable business option, but her mother still has many of these special treasures.

Her sewing hobby continued and Kathryn was fortunate to have a wonderful home-ec teacher throughout high school. She taught her much about reading and following patterns and tolerated her doing things her own way despite the instructions. At some point during the tedious creation of her grad dress (which obviously had to be better than everyone else’s), Kathryn’s teacher suggested she look into attending a fashion school.

After some research (and a brief teenage “discussion” with her parents about fashion not being a career), Kathryn decided upon the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design in Gastown. The course was a long two-year diploma curriculum packed into a 10 month intensive program. Kathryn learned many things during this time, including how to design without limitations, sew bias without wrinkles, receive criticism without crying and stay up for unnaturally long periods without sleeping.

Upon graduating from Helen Lefeaux, Kathryn decided to further her education at College Lasalle in Montreal where she completed a three year program in fashion design. The more relaxed environment allowed her to greatly expand her knowledge of pattern drafting and construction skills. Although Montreal was a fabulous city, Kathryn was not cut out for the cold weather and also feared for her health due to the deliciousness of the poutine, so she returned home to Vancouver to start her career.

The pure (something) label began with general women’s wear, but the demand for bridal and formal wear quickly influenced the direction of the business. Kathryn was delighted with the opportunity to be able to specialize in dresses and gowns. She loves being able to create pieces that are one of a kind and can reflect the personality of the wearer. Kathryn especially loves that she is able to help her clients look and feel beautiful, and is flattered each and every time she is asked to have such an important role in making their special day complete.

Kathryn currently lives in Vancouver with her supportive husband (who put up with several years of not having a kitchen table while she worked from home), her impossibly adorable dog Annie, and her two cute (yet mischievous) bunnies.